Who am I?

Good question. In short, I'm currently an LD Staff Member in the department of theoretical physics at CERN. Before this I was a Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley, spending half my week in the BCTP and the other half at LBNL. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and completed my B.Sc. and LL.B. at Melbourne University. I then finished my M.Sc. in Physics at the same institution, working under the supervision of Ray Volkas and Elisabetta Barberio. Afterwards, I headed to MIT and obtained my Ph.D. with Tracy Slatyer focussing on indirect detection.

Here's a few more details:

  • CV updated March 2023: NicholasRodd-CV.pdf
  • List of publications: inspirehep
  • Code repository: github
  • Favourite plotting colour: orange
  • Favourite person: Felicia
  • Favourite footwear: thongs/flip-flops (these are synonyms!)
Nick Rodd HK